When you are about to celebrate and you want it to be unique and unforgettable - call us! We will offer you a folklore program suitable for your occasion - wedding, anniversary, a surprise for a guest - a foreigner or just a party. The dancers can be children or young people in various costumes from different parts of Bulgaria. The musical accompaniment can be both on audio recording and with musicians. We present authentic dances from the different ethnographic regions of Bulgaria - Shopska, Trakiyska, Macedonian, Rhodopska, Severniyashka and Dobrudzhanska. With a preliminary request for Christmas we organize a visit to the home by a Carol group.

Another version of the program are dances made to your music and idea: folk /ruchenitsa, etc./, tango, bachata, salsa, Latin, etc.
We offer costumes from different folklore areas for rent.