About Us

The non-profit association Gaitani was established in 1999 to unite lovers of folklore, music and dance. The main goals of the Association are: popularization of folklore and dance art in Shumen, the region, the country and beyond in accordance with public needs and interests. It unites and coordinates the efforts and overall activities of its members to create conditions for raising the level and mastery of dancers, musicians and singers in order to increase the social impact of dances and songs. Preservation and development of the cultural identity of children, youth and adults from ethnic minorities and transformation of ethnocultural diversity into a source of mutual knowledge, respect and cooperation in a common cultural environment.

The subject of activity of the association consists in dance, music and singing training of its members. Promotion and dissemination of national folklore traditions, training, development and realization of children, youth and adults in the art of dance and promotion of our national traditions in the country and abroad.

The main principles on which the association is built and operates are: voluntary membership, democratic leadership, publicity of all decisions and actions.

History and the present

Children's dance ensemble "Pargavelche" was founded in 1989 by artistic director and choreographer Chavdar Chanov. Ten years later, in 1999, the „Gaitani” non-profit association was established and the children's ensemble joins the association. Today, the Association includes CDE "Pargavelche", Folk Dance Ensemble "Gaitani" and Folk Dance Club "Gaitani". Artistic director and choreographer is Chavdar Chanov, Chairman of the Association and choreographer - Roza Chanova and choreographer - Dimitar Dimitrov. The concert ensembles also have an orchestra of 7 musicians.

CDE "Pargavelche" consists of more than 100 children between the ages of 6 and 13, who are divided into different age groups. The concert ensemble includes 50 dancers.
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FDE "Gaitani" was established together with the registration of the Association in 1999 and it includes young dancers from CDE "Pargavelche" aged 14 to 23 years. Today more than 40 children participate in the ensemble. The concert ensemble includes 30 dancers and an orchestra of 7 musicians.
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CDE "Pargavelche" и FDE "Gaitani" are representative ensembles of the Foundation " International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts (CIOFF)".

In 2007, a group for the study of authentic folklore was formed by dancers from the Folk Dance Club "Gaitani". The amateur dancers in the club are between 20 and 70 years old and already number 120 people, and are divided into three levels of advancement. Leader and choreographer is Roza Chanova-Miloslavova.
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The repertoire of the ensembles includes songs, dances, people and dramatized customs from the region of Shumen and other ethnographic regions of Bulgaria. For the most part, they are sought after by the choreographer Ch. Chanov, as they are described, systematized and recreated in the repertoire. Over the years, dance groups have brought to their city and country many awards in the field of folk dance. They have participated in festivals in the country and abroad, thus popularizing Bulgarian folklore.