In 2009 the Association implemented the project "I love this school" BG051PO001 / 07 / 4.2-01 / 635 under the Operational Program "Human Resources Development". The leading organization was the Municipality of Shumen, and the “Gaitani” Association was a partner.

At the beginning of 2020 FDEA “Gaitani” implemented a project to the Municipalilty Fund "Culture" with a total value of BGN 3,800 in order to make northern children's folk costumes for CDE "Pargavelche" of the Association "Gaitani".

In the summer of 2020 the Association implemented a youth project in implementation of the Strategy for Development of Young People in the Municipality of Shumen. The financial support was worth BGN 1,500 for the "Purchase of folk costumes for CDE " Pargavelche ".

Project "Shared spaces - Association" Gaitani "and Layout Bulgaria" under the program "Support for private organizations in the field of amateur art 2021" at NFC. The main goals of the project are: Digitization of the activities of the “ Gaitani “ Association by developing an interactive website; Promotion of local intangible cultural heritage, typical for the Shumen region; Putting on a concert-performance on the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of the establishment of the “Gaitani” Association. The grant from NFC amounts to BGN 14,000.